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I can tell you about my programmes and the effectiveness of them. However my clients can tell their stories in a compelling way! Please do take time to view these submissions from past and present clients. You will see I include testimonials that reference the broad range of reasons that people contact me. The Newsletters keep my clients up to date with new offers, initiatives, and research. If you would like to receive the Newsletter contact me.

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Nat :

I went to see Russell pre xmas 2016 with initial thoughts to see him alongside bariatric surgery as I felt after years of battling with my weight surgery was my only option. NO ONE was more sceptical than me about the effects of hypnotherapy and life coaching, having had the first consult with Russell I believed there was another option aside from surgery . I cancelled the surgery and exactly a month to the date I have lost a stone . Not hard work , just a whole different thought process. Definitely tools for life and although I still have a way to go with my weight , my self esteem and confidence are through the roof & I have never been more positive . Russell is worth his or my weight in gold always at the end of an email phone or text. Cannot praise him enough. N *(Results may vary from person to person)


Overall down from 15st 9lb to 14st 2lb two weeks ago and feeling so much better. When first came was in a right mess, feeling sluggish, exhausted through weight and working nights and setting up a business. The hypnotherapy around sugar addiction really worked so now don’t have this at all…just leave the sweet stuff just walking past cakes, puddings etc in the store. No cravings for syrup sponge or cravings. Was suffering with thrush and this has gone.

Looked at lifestyle and made changes cutting down nights and nurturing own business which was the ‘dream’. The audio’s have really helped you sustain things expecially the sugar addiction and positive thinking. Things are very different now and feel very positve about the whole programme. *(Results may vary from person to person)


After trying to lose weight by following one diet after another and failing, I decided to try hypnotherapy. I chatted to Russell on the telephone and he seemed so down to earth and confident that he could help me, that I decided to give hypnotherapy a try and made an appointment to see him.After just four sessions I have lost a total of 12lbs and I feel much more positive, not only in my attitude towards food, but I understand myself a lot better now and am starting to understand that weight loss is just a part of how I feel about myself. I am more than delighted with my loss achieved to date.Russell seemed to understand “exactly where I am coming from”, tailoring the hypnotherapy sessions to meet my needs. I enjoyed all my visits immensely and feel much more positive after a hypnotherapy session. He really seemed to care about my progress and he stressed that he was only at the end of the telephone, should I require any help or encouragement.I am hoping to lose another 8lbs before going away on holiday in six weeks’ time and I have every confidence that I will do so.I urge anyone to “give Russell a try” and I have no reservations of any kind in making this recommendation. *(Results may vary from person to person)


Having ‘yo-yo’ dieted and tried just about every diet on the market all my adult life, I contacted Russell to try yet another strategy for weight loss. However, on my first meeting with Russell, before I even signed up for his course, our conversation led me to realise that my eating habits were not a single problem but were inextricably linked to my long term depression and low self esteem. Over the next weeks, using deep relaxation techniques and counselling, Russel helped me to develop strategies to change not only my attitude to food, but also how I thought about myself and life in general. All this at the ripe old age of 65! Yes, I lost weight, but I also gained a new outlook on life and meant it when I told Russell that I had never felt better. I am confident that I now have the tools, through Russels recordings and other resources, to continue my personal development and weight loss journey. I would encourage anyone else to contact Russell if they are struggling with any personal or other issues. *(Results may vary from person to person)