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Betty’s Story! 15st 10lb to 11st 1lb

Thank-you for your interest in my virtual gastric band weight loss programmes. I have had many success stories from my clients over the years (see the testimonials page) but perhaps the biggest story comes from my client Betty. Betty has lost an incredible 65lbs! :

Please note, results may vary from individual to individual. However this story and those on my  testimonials page are typical of the feedback from clients. If you engage with a programme and embrace the concepts and ideas within you can expect to succeed!

“My journey with Russell started four years ago!!!! and oh how my life has changed.

I went to Russell totally desperate after so many failed attempts at slimming, he assured me that he could help and I have not looked back since, on that day I told him I was out of control with chocolate, I still have the vivid memory of a cheery ‘we will deal with that’ and honestly I have never wanted chocolate from that day to this.

Russell is a lovely person and over the time he has helped me he has dealt with any little blips I have had which I have to say have not been many and this journey has been a lot lot easier than I ever expected. I think that if you commit to this program with an open mind (and a bit of desperation haha) and give yourself some ‘you’ time to listen to his audios and interact by email or phone, Russell can be the answer to your dream of a slimmer you.

I started at 15st 10lb and now weigh 11st 1lb that’s a 65lb loss, wow!!! I still can’t believe I was lucky enough to find him so if you are considering this program open your mind and see your life change.”

Bet *

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You can listen to Betty with me, on the Dr Mike radio show on Liverpool’s City Talk by following this link: